How long would it take to renovate my bathroom?
Typically a renovation of a bathroom would take 3-5 weeks, this is all dependent on the size of the bathroom, whether you want to relocate any of the existing plumbing, and how much tiling you want done.

Is it important to know what my budget is from the start of the process?
Yes. The reason for this is so that we can get an understanding of what sort of products we can recommend to you, to keep you within your budget and minimize costs in other areas, for example less tiling or keeping the plumbing in its original position, can help to minimize costs.

How long will it take to renovate my kitchen?
Typically a kitchen renovation would take between 4-7 weeks, this is all dependent on how big the area is, how much tiling is being done, if you want any internal walls being removed to open up the space and whether you are relocating the plumbing.

Will you assist in the design of our project?
Yes we will be with you from the design stage through to completion. We are specialists in the design and build of our projects, we will also help choose all the finishes for your project, all of which comes at no extra cost as it's all included in our price. We are also willing to work with a designer or architect of your choice.

How much would it cost to renovate my bathroom?
The cost of a bathroom will range from between £7000-£25000, which is all dependent on the size of the bathroom, the choice of your finishes, the size of the tiles and how much tiling is involved and whether there is any plumbing being relocated.