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Besides the kitchen, the bathroom receives the most footfall in the average home. Whilst utilised for practical uses, there’s no reason why it can’t be updated or replaced to appear more luxurious and inviting. A bathroom refit, carried out by our builders at Poole Construction Group Ltd, will add a hint of decadence to any morning routine whilst increasing the value of your property if you’re considering selling in the future.

Based in Woking, and operating in Guildford and the surrounding Surrey areas, we are professional new home builders who also specialise in renovations and refurbishments, garage conversions and property extensions. Our staff are highly trained on-site, earning essential skills and knowledge through dedication to their respective trades.

Bathroom Basics

If you’re thinking of ripping out your old bathroom or shower area in favour of a new design, the following are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Air vents may not be the most attractive but they are essential. If you’re planning to hang wallpaper – to mimic the look of a hotel cloakroom, for example – proper airflow in the bathroom will prevent peeling or mould formation.

Use the space wisely and don’t try to cram in too many fixtures. If there’s no room for a bath and shower cubicle, place the shower over the bath. Do you need a second sink? Remember, less is more.

Plan the layout sensibly. Don’t position the toilet far away from the sink, for instance. Place heated towel rails near to the shower or bath for convenience, and give yourself plenty of room to manoeuvre.

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Our new home builders will design and install the perfect bathroom to suit your Guildford property. Talk to us about our home renovations, property extensions and garage conversions. Asking advice from the experts could save you money in the long run as we’ll help you avoid these design mistakes.

It’s important to get the lighting right in any room but particularly here. Poole Construction specialises in bathroom lighting, guaranteeing you’ll look good from every angle!

You can never have enough! Whatever space you allocate for towels, toiletries and ancillary items, increase it. As time goes by, you’ll be glad you did. Every room in your property needs decent storage, the bathroom and kitchen being the most obvious.

Not everyone likes taking baths but, even if you don’t, leave your bath where it is. Potential purchasers will actually be put off if a property for sale doesn’t have one. So, although you’re planning a bathroom renovation for yourself, think ahead.

Experts in garage conversions, property extensions and renovations, our new home builders at Poole Construction are on hand to offer advice about bathroom installations and refits. Serving Guildford and the surrounding areas, we’re more than happy to arrange a consultation so please contact us at the numbers listed below.

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