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The kitchen tends to be the area where we all congregate to eat and socialise. It’s the heart of a family home, so it shouldn’t be cramped and uncomfortable when everyone is in attendance. The ideal kitchen should have plenty of scope for food preparation and cooking, as well as dining facilities and room to move around with ease. Our new home builders at Poole Construction Group Ltd are experts at property renovations, extensions and garage conversions. Each service can include a brand new kitchen that’s up-to-date with modern fittings and stylish carpentry.

But it’s not always possible to extend or convert your Woking or Surrey property. Sometimes the space or facilities just aren’t there. We’re experts at thinking outside of the box, coming up with innovative designs to help you create the perfect home within budget and time frames.

Extend Without Extending

The following ideas are based on increasing the size of your kitchen with a little clever planning:

If your kitchen and dining rooms are positioned side by side, why not break down the dividing wall and create a more inviting and spacious space? For adjacent living rooms, consider the open-plan style and combine all three areas.

Is it really needed? For smaller properties in Woking or the surrounding Surrey areas, it makes sense to incorporate the hallway into the rooms where more space is required. We can install storage facilities for coats and bags, for instance, so the area around both front and rear doors won’t get cluttered.

It’s all part of Poole Construction’s home renovations services. And, for those of you who would like to add on more rooms or facilities, our builders also specialise in new home construction, garage conversions and property extensions.

Does your older property still have one? If so, consider enlarging it to incorporate a bigger serving area with access directly into the kitchen from the dining room. This will give the new space the appearance of a café-style environment. The serving area can be altered to incorporate a large internal window if you prefer.

Use Other Rooms
If you have other rooms downstairs that you don’t use, why not move the kitchen completely? The whole idea of our home renovations service is to make your Woking property suit your needs so, if that means totally transforming the interior, so be it. We can take care of everything, from the design and planning right through to the final handle on your kitchen drawers.

With over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry, our team of new home builders are passionate about providing an excellent service at all times. Our garage conversions and property extensions are highly sought after in Surrey, and we pride ourselves on our exemplary work ethic.

Poole Construction Group Ltd - we truly are the experts you can trust.

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